for Master of Curriculum Methods

Discussion 4: On page 110, there is an outline of the overview of middle school parameters. Under “Philosophy,” there are five components. Based on what read, explain what each means to you (child-centered, holistic knowledge…, etc). There are five components. Be sure to start a new paragraph for each. Discussion 5: Discussion Chapter 5 On pages 141- 142 are 18 methods for instruction. In your experience, which THREE are teachers less likely to use often. Explain why teachers MAY NOT use these methods. Then tell why you think they should incorporate them more in their classroom instructions. Please take time to explain. Discussion 6: Discussion Chapter 6 On page of 172, there is a section on “What Our Schools Are Actually Doing.” Besides #3, Gathering data from the internet for a class project, what three things are occurring in your schools? Then, explain how they are being used. Be specific to get maximum points. That means you MUST take time to explain. Please do not copy and paste from the internet. Other students see the same info that you see. Discussion 7: Discussion Chapter 7 On pages 202-203, it talks about inclusion and gifted students. How effective is it to have Special Education learners in a regular classroom? Are non-Special Education teachers able to effectively teach these students? Explain your perspective. Be honest. You are score based on your ability to clearly explain your point, not on your choice of answer. Discussion 8: Discussion Chapter 8 Middle Schools’ education structure has a lot of research due to the students’ physical development and hormonal changes. Research suggest that this level is crucial and can determine the probability of a child graduating. Therefore, it is important for the teacher to be equipped socially, as well as content-wise, when teaching these students. There are 39 key competencies on pages 220-221. Discuss your top three characteristics and why they are important for teachers to have when teaching Middle School students.


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