following questions using content from chapter 8. Please answer all questions and cite sources in APA. Must be done by 1pm today!

Answer the following questions using content from chapter 8. Make sure you cite and give the author(s) credit if you are quoting or paraphrasing from the textbook AND Reference page the textbook APA style. Q 1. Waiver is an important decision in determining how to handle juvenile offenders. Review the methods of transferring jurisdiction of cases from juvenile to adult criminal court. Who should be most responsible for making the decision: judges, prosecutors, or legislatures? Ans. Example: After reiewing the methods of transaferring jurisdiction of cases from juvenile to adult criminal court I belive most of the responsiblilty for makign the decision are ______________. Now support your answer and explain why using complete thoughts and sentences. A simply “I think judges are the most responsible for making decisions” will not work. Go deeper. 2. What are the implications of processing a juvenile offender in the adult criminal court? When should a juvenile offender be transferred to the adult system? 3. What is the rationale for blended sentencing? Compare the models of blended sentencing with the methods of transferring juvenile cases to adult criminal court. What are your conclusions about using adult criminal courts to handle juvenile delinquents? 4. Do transfer laws “work”? Review the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) report prepared by Richard E. Redding (2010) entitled Juvenile Transfer Laws: An Effective Deterrent to Delinquency? which is available at Research findings indicate that youth handled in criminal courts have higher recidivism rates when compared with similar youth processed in juvenile court. After reviewing Redding’s report, what are your conclusions about transfer laws? 5. Select Texas and another state and use the State Juvenile Justice Profiles report by Patrick Griffin (2010) to compare their transfer provisions. Which state do you think has the better transfer protocol? The report prepared for the National Center for Juvenile Justice is available at 6. What are the trends in juvenile delinquency cases in juvenile court? Use the OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book to review trends based on sex and race of cases handled in juvenile courts from 1985 to 2010. The data are available at How do delinquency case rates compare for males and females? For blacks and whites juvviles? (explain the total amount of males and females for black and whites juveniles and percentages).


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