following in total of 150-250 words:

1. Using information from Case #1, Case #2, or Case #3 from Dr. Stanford’s video presentation, discuss the underlying neurobiological mechanisms and any biopsychosocial factors contributing to obesity in the case you choose. (MO 9.6) 2. Discuss any one (1) of the following: a. According to the American Medical Association, like addiction, obesity is classified as a disease. How are underlying neurobiological mechanisms similar in addiction and obesity? (MO 9.3) OR c. As social workers, we are particularly concerned with health disparities. Obesity is disproportionately higher in minorities, to include associated health conditions and early mortality. Take another look at the CDC website (Links to an external site.). Why do you think this is true? What would a culturally-informed intervention model look like? (MO 9.6) 3. Respond to the posts of at least two peers who responded to different prompts than you did. WILL POST ONCE YOU REPLY.


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