Event Analysis, due in 11 hours.

You are required to write about one marketing-related news event that illustrates concepts covered in MKTG 303 (e.g., Verizon’s acquisition of BlueJeans Network, a B2B videoconferencing platform, for $500 million). The events you discuss must have occurred after July 1st, 2021. You should base your analysis on a minimum of four (4) articles. The articles may have been published in any major periodical (e.g., BusinessWeek, The Economist, Fortune) or major newspaper (i.e., Investor’s Business Daily, New York Times, Wall Street Journal). (Note: A news blurb of fewer than 500 words provides insufficient depth and breadth, and thus is not an acceptable source for this assignment.) Your written submissions should include the following content: • Basic description of the situation, • Connection to relevant marketing concepts, • Takeaways/lessons learned, and • References used. Better analyses will draw from marketing concepts presented in several different lectures or book chapters. Takeaways/lessons should generalize beyond the analyzed event. This assignment requires you to think about marketing lessons you have learned and can apply to your future professional life. Your event analysis should be at least 750 words. Your name should appear at the top of the first page and be right-justified. The title for each analysis should reflect the associated event. You should italicize each discussed marketing concept. You should use headings consistent with the required content. Along with content, your grade will depend on readability, grammar, and spelling.


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