Ethics of Mandated Vaccination Policy in Rockland City, NY

400 words, 2 references cited in the text, and the references listed after the post
Refer to at least two statements made in the readings or in other sources that would show your statements are evidence-based and ethical.
Divide the text into focused paragraphs, as applicable.
Be sure to cite your sources in the text.
Read/watch the following articles and news clips concerning the measles outbreak in Rockland County, New York in 2019. Observe how the public health issues and mandates progress and evaluate the ethical challenges and arguments from both the public health leaders’ and critics’ points of view.

1. New York measles outbreak prompts state of emergency
Video clip (~1.5 min.): New York measles outbreak prompts state of emergency (Links to an external site.)
Video clip (~2.5 min.): NY County bans kids unvaccinated against measles (Links to an external site.)
>> Original document: The Rockland County Declaration of a State of Emergency (March 2019) EditEditDownload The Rockland County Declaration of a State of Emergency (March 2019)
2. The foundational facts of the situation
CNN Health (2019, Mar. 29): “Why New York hasn’t contained the largest and longest measles outbreak in decades” (Links to an external site.)
This article describes the restrictive methods and the education efforts used by both the local public health department anti-vaccination organization to educate the public. Note such facts as the repercussions for un- and undervaccinated individuals under 18 years of age and against a Jewish school that refused to provide weekly student measles vaccinations records.
Video clip (2 min.): Measles outbreak: Parents file lawsuit, NYC shuts down school (Links to an external site.)
3. New York legislature votes to end religious exemption for all vaccinations for schoolchildren
The Guardian (2013, June 19): “New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandate for schoolchildren” (Links to an external site.)
>> Original bill (relatively short): Text of the New York State Bill #A02371A (Links to an external site.)
Protesters rally as N.Y. lawmakers consider ending religious exemptions for vaccines (Links to an external site.)
4. The end of the emergency declaration, tighter restrictions on vaccinations

Kaiser FF (2019, Sept. 5). “As Measles Outbreak Fades, N.Y. Sets In Motion New Rules On School Vaccinations”
——In order to better understand the perspectives of the stakeholders in a controversial public health scenario, you will write your original discussion post from the first-person viewpoint of a stakeholder.
Format: Stakeholder: [whose perspective you’re representing]
Position on the issue: [your stakeholder’s position on the policy of mandated vaccinations: e.g., for mandated vaccinations; against mandated vaccinations; for them under certain conditions; against them except under certain conditions; etc.]
As you go through this situation’s media, look for and identify stakeholders. After you have chosen a stakeholder, you may want to watch/read some of the media again from their perspective to determine how they would view the ethical issues.
>> 3 guidelines for choosing your stakeholder to portray:
1. The stakeholder may share the mainstream PH position or not share the mainstream PH position; both are valid.
2. You may choose to practice explaining a position you agree with so you are better prepared to defend it or practice explaining a position you disagree with so you are better prepared to understand it; both are valid.
For example, types of potential stakeholders you could portray:
Parent of vaccinated child Parent of unvaccinated child 17yo unvaccinated teen County PH official NY governor
CDC field epidemiologist School official, a teacher Police officer who has to enforce restrictions
Legislator representing Rockland County
You should focus on your stakeholder’s viewpoints of the ethical issues in this situation you think are relevant to your stakeholder and evidence-based arguments they might make to support their position. A place to start would be to think: As my stakeholder, what would be my priorities? my concerns? my goals? What would I consider to be my rights and my family’s rights in this situation?


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