ethics and sexual harassment pay is negotiable based on effort Due 11:59 tonight

Read the articles about the sexual harassment case at Harvard in last month’s news attached this document For your responses, use the text, NASW Code of Ethics, and at least one scholarly article published in the last ten years that relates to ethics and/or the topic. Questions: 1. The second article discusses the issues of the therapy records being shared with the alleged perpetrator. Explain the ethical and possible legal issues. Cite and apply the text and code of ethics and connect areas of privacy and informed consent relating to the records. Discuss the management of the psychiatric record from the perspective of the therapist (Did the therapist violate the law or code of ethics?), the perspective of the Title IX investigator), and the client. (1-1.5 pages). 2. Discuss three different perspectives-be clear and thoughtful (Harvard/the accuser/the accused professor). Apply the code of ethics, text, and an outside source in your responses. (1-1.5 pages) 3. Look up Title IX and explain how this policy relates to sexual harassment in higher education settings. Reference and cite sources. (.5 page—half page) 4. Apply two ethical principles to this case. Cite and apply the text in your response. (1 page).


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