essay Sociology 305 Use Book Need in 10 hours

I would like you to think about 3 ideas of importance that you read in the text (ch 1, including the Introduction). Be sure to rank order these ideas according to importance and apply these ideas to what you have observed in our culture, especially when you relate money to culture, and consumerism to culture in our society. Do you think that our culture is too much into ‘consumerism’? Is this a detriment or an advantage to our social and economic system? Is it a detriment or an advantage to our cultural values? Please note the following important standards: Please answer this essay in 350-400 words. Proofread your paper carefully; always use proper grammar and spelling. If a specific question is looking for a qualitative answer, limit your answer to five sentences or less. Quality over quantity, please! Please place your name, date, and the assignment name (Module 1 Assignment) in the heading. Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word, Time New Roman size 12 font. No late assignments will be accepted. Your assignment must be submitted via electronic drop box; no assignments will be accepted via email or hardcopy. Any outside sources must be cited properly. Please use APA formatting. Title: Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism Author: Richard H. Robbins Edition: 6th ISBN:978-0205917655,0205917658


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