essay Instructions below due today 3/13/22 10:30pm est

Write about an event virtually or engage in a multicultural experience in the community with a social group different from your own. An example may be going to a new church, spiritual meeting, sporting event, or cultural festival (see more below). My goal is for you to have meaningful engagement with a social group different from your own. When you attend the event, push yourself to engage with other people who identify with the social group that is different from your own. Through this experience, I expect that you will challenge yourself to explore your own thoughts and reactions to this novel exposure. If it is not clear that the event you have selected is open to the public, then please be in contact with the event organizer prior to the event to receive permission to attend. You may attend the same event or share a multicultural experience with another student in the course, but you are responsible for writing the paper in your own individual words, and your personal reflection on the experience must be your own. Do not collaborate with any other student in this class when writing the paper. INSTRUCTIONS: The first paragraph of your paper should contain a brief summary of the event or experience or the movie. For example, if you were to attend a PFLAG meeting (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), tell me what the organization is/does, the purpose of the meetings, who attends the meetings, and why you chose this particular experience. This should be in your own words. Do not repeat descriptions from other sources (such as movie reviews; this will count as plagiarism if you do). The next part of your paper should relate one concept/idea discussed in class (or in the class textbook/articles) to the event or interaction or scene/theme in the movie (e.g., types of discrimination, socialization, privilege, identity development, etc.). For example, you can analyze the character’s racial/cultural identity development based on appropriate model(s) addressed in class. Identify which stage the client might be experiencing and explain why it is not any other stage or status. Explain how you are applying the theory or concept to the event/interaction. Bold the theory/concept you are referencing the first time you name it. Also, be sure to define the theory/concept in your own words (and underline the paraphrased definition). You must cite the concept/idea using correct APA style (for example, you should cite the textbook if the concept/idea is discussed in the textbook). The last part of your paper should be your personal reflection of the experience in your own words. Did you learn something new? Were you (un)comfortable during this experience – why or why not? What dynamics did you notice about your interactions with others at the event? What did you learn about yourself during this experience? For this section I do not expect you to reference any sources. If you choose to watch the movie you can discuss, how did this assignment impact on your learning? What aspects of this assignment were challenging? What aspects were helpful? What did you enjoy the most about it? The least? What suggestions do you have for other films? 1.5 page minimum – 2 page MAX, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman. Please use APA style and cite at least one reading for the theory/concept you discuss. This will mean that you also have a third page titled “References” which includes the APA style citation. Each reference also needs to be cited in the text. See for resources on APA. Do not quote text from your textbook or any other article/resource. Due by 11.59 pm on 3/13/2022. You will submit your paper through iCollege.


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