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Elderly Home Detention: Is this tax money well spent? Understanding the complex financial burden of “special offenders” in the correctional system. Directions: Locate a news article in which at least one of following descriptors are present, and address the prompts below to form one complete essay. Descriptors: An elderly offender (Age 65 and above) was incarcerated or charged with a serious violent crime. The offender entered the system as a transgender. The offender has an IQ of >70, or had some serious mental illness. The offender is morbidly obese The offender has a serious medical condition that might be terminal, cancer, advanced heart disease etc. See Chapter 9: Introduce your topic with a broad overview of the variety of these “special offenders” then elaborate with one specific offender that qualifies under this category using a current event -article from the last 12 months. What hardships might the correctional facility face? Financial burdens to the state? Be sure to discuss the issues with these offenders broadly and then narrow in on your “special offender” of your choosing. Discuss and summarize the article and elaborate according to your text what might be some issues related to these “special offenders”. See Chapter 9 Transgenders in prison


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