essay done by 8:00pm PST on 03/30/22, thank you ! The instructions are attached. The following readings will be needed for essay: Bentley, Zeigler, and Streets-Salter, Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspectives on the Past: Volume II, From 1500 to the Present (Connect E-Book NOT the hard copy) MacKinnon and MacKinnon, Places of Encounter: Time, Place, and Connectivity in World History, Volume II(Hard copy or e-book version): (Links to an external site.)

Answer one of the following questions: 1) Compare the ways in which the Atlantic slave trade impacted Salvador da Bahia and Gorée. 2) Discuss the different ways in which Nagasaki, London, and Calcutta were linked to the larger world prior to 1840. Be sure to discuss this in terms of economics, culture, and demographics. 3) How did the racial boundaries of colonialism shape the physical space of the cities of Shanghai and Algiers? 4) With reference to at least three cities discussed in MacKinnon and MacKinnon, how did the trade in African slaves and Asian opium create a global economic system? How did human trafficking and narco-trafficking build modern capitalism? Your essay must: A) have an argument or thesis, B) support or prove the thesis with factual evidence from both Places of Encounter and Traditions and Encounters (do not use outside sources) and cite this evidence with Chicago Style footnotes, C) use at least two primary source documents from either book to support the argument and cite these sources with Chicago Style footnotes, D) be free of grammatical and typographic errors, E) be between 500 and 1,500 words, and F) show clear organizational structure (introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion). Your essay will be graded on the above criteria. Please consult the grading rubric for the percentages. Your essay must properly cite the primary sources and textbook using the Chicago Manual of Style’s “Notes and Bibliography” format. Please use the “Notes and Bibliography” format (found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), paying special attention to the subsection “Chapter of an edited volume originally published elsewhere (as in primary sources).” You do NOT need a title page or a works cited page, but you must footnote your sources in the Chicago style. Use the course readings only. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES.


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