– English Homework Topic: Career Paths for English Majors

Illustration Essays Topic: Career Paths for English Majors Support a generalization, explain, and clarify by providing examples that maintain readers’ interest and achieve the author’s purpose. Assignment For this assignment, you’ll prepare an outline or graphic organizer for a 1,600- to 1,800-word essay using the illustration pattern of development. You’ll choose one of the assigned topics listed below and begin your research; three to five secondary sources are required. You are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) citation and documentation format for parenthetical (in-text) citation and your list of references. Instructions: On the Research, you will need three to five reputable secondary sources for your Illustration prewriting. Evaluate your sources to ensure that the information you’re using and passing on to your readers is accurate and reliable. Incorporate evidence from your secondary sources into your outline or graphic organizer to plan your essay. You’ll need to use parenthetical citation and include a list of references on the last page of your exam. APA style essay. Title: Career Paths for English Majors Introduction Background: Many people believe that English majors can only be teachers, if they find jobs at all. Thesis: Contrary to what people may think, English is a versatile major that can lead to well-paying jobs in a variety of fields. Body Paragraphs Example 1: English majors find jobs in writing fields, such as technical writer, copywriter, and editor. • Profita (2019) claims that English majors can put their revising, editing, and proofreading skills to work as social media managers, technical writers, and public relations specialists. Example 2: English majors find jobs in technical fields. • “PayScale is finding plenty of signs that humanities majors in general—and English majors in particular—are making headway in faster-growing areas related to digital content. Among the bright spots: content strategists ($90,500), content marketing managers ($82,100), content managers ($72,200), and web producers ($69,900)” (Anders, 2016, para. 5). Example 3: English majors find jobs in business and marketing fields. • English majors have found lucrative jobs as advertising executives, human resources managers, employment recruiters, and software developers (Laue, 2019). Conclusion There’s nothing wrong with loving to read and write or wanting to become a teacher, but English majors aren’t locked in to teaching. English is the perfect major for careers that demand good communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. References Anders, George. (2016). 14 jobs for English majors that pay at least $60,000. Forbes. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/georgeanders/2016/10/03/14-jobs-for-english-majors-that-pay-at-least-60000/#68eb5c834f1d Laue, Christine. (2019). Best-paying jobs for English majors. Monster. Retrieved from https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/best-paying-jobs-english-majors Profita, Mike. (2019). Career options to consider for English majors. The Balance Careers. Retrieved from: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/top-jobs-for-english-majors-2059642. Essay Format Format your prewriting and essay according to the following instructions. Refer to the sample APA-style essay in your textbook. 1. Start with a title page that includes your o Title o Name o Student ID o Address o Email address 2. Use the header function to insert your page number in the top right margin of your document. o You do not need to include your essay title in the header. 3. Begin your document on page 2 after the title page. o Start page 2 with your title  Do not include abstracts in your essays. o Use transitional words, phrases, and sentences to guide your reader through your essay.  Do not use headings in your essay. 4. Include your references list on the last page of your document. o Do not submit it separately.


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