EDUC 6260 Week 1 Discussion How Does Human Resources Management Relate to You?

Discussion: How Does Human Resources Management Relate to You?While you may be the recipient of human resource management services, HRM may have never been something you wanted or needed to learn. While you have experienced its benefits—h ealth insurance, employee rights, compensation, mentoring, pay incentives, and legal protection—you know only the pieces that apply to you. As a campus leader, you will need to know how HRM applies to your constituents and what other stakeholders influence these vital human support systems.
Post responses to the following:
What human resources responsibilities do you have or expect to have in your job?
How do human resources currently impact your life and work?
Of the following human resources issues, which do you find particularly controversial or interesting, and why?Diversity
Organization and employee development
Staff development
Staffing management (recruiting and compensation)

Of these issues, which issues do you predict will be most significant to higher education? Required Readings
Note: Many articles in this course may be found in the Walden Library databases. To access the article, click the permalink. You can search for articles by visiting your myWalden page and select Research Databases. Under the title Search for journals, type the name of the journal in the box next to the pull-down menu that reads “Title equals.” Then search for the appropriate year and issue number to locate your article. As an alternative, after selecting Research Databases, click on the A to Z List of Databases to find a complete list of databases. Search the database (included after each article citation) using the article’s title and/or author(s).Banfield, P.,


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