Economics Question

for EACH Question write a 5 paragraph essay.
be sure your essays includes 1) explanations of economic concepts and theories that we discussed in class, 2) details of how those concepts relate to the question and topic that you are discussing, and 3) research or data from outside sources. (please cite sources using APA formatting)
1.Suppose you were granted the next MLS expansion franchise and the right to locate the team anywhere in North America. Explain the factors you should consider, both positive and negative, in choosing a profit-maximizing location for your team and your ownership group. What would be the costs and benefits of choosing a city that already has a team? Make a city recommendation based on your analysis.
2.Does your favorite sports team charge a higher price for games against higher profile opponents? If it does not charge different prices, do you think it should? Does it do anything else to differentiate games against more and less attractive opponents? Provide facts and examples from the team of your choice to support your answers. Be sure to include the supply and demand principal among other economic concepts.


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