Early Childhood Education Topics and Professional Organizations: Focus on Leadership

Part 1: Analyzing the Practice of Effective Leadership
Topic of choice: Family engagement
Select an article about the topic from one of the following professional resource sites:
Inside Higher Education (www.insidehighered.com)
The Chronicle of Higher Education (www.chronicle.com)
Then, select a minimum of three academic journal articles related to the topic you selected.
In a 2- to 3-page paper, write a summary and analysis of the three articles you selected, including how the points raised in the articles:
Might influence the roles of leaders and effective leadership in early childhood education
Explain the link between effective leadership and better outcomes for young children in the context of the topic you chose
Provide examples, supported by research, that illustrate effective leadership practice related to the topic you chose
Part 2: Connecting With Professional Organizations
Review the websites of the professional organizations listed in the Learning Resources (and other professional early childhood education organizations of your choice). Identify topics presented that are related to leadership. Think about the topic you chose for this assignment and then identify three resources available on one or more of the websites, such as position statements, articles, videos, and so on, that provide research, information, and insights that relate to your topic:
Summarize and cite each of the three resources.
Explain how involvement with the organization(s) you drew from might assist you in achieving your professional leadership goals.


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