due 3/11/22 AT 11 pm, 5 pages long doubled-space APA format, two paintings to write about are attached, visual comparison of this fifteenth-century Netherlandish painting with this fifteenth-century (Early Renaissance) Italian painting.

discussion of the distinctive style of naturalism or realism in painting that developed in northern Europe versus the artistic style of Italy in the fifteenth century, using these two works as examples. 5 pages lond doubled-space, DUE 3/11/22, How is Van der Weyden’s realism different from Romano’s? Is it perhaps somewhat more attentive to the depiction of small details than the Italian work? How might you relate the naturalism, spatial qualities, and use of light and shade in Romano’s painting to the general visual character of art Renaissance Italy, including certain features like the invention of linear perspective? That is, how does Romano’s work fit in to the progressively more naturalistic quality of 15th century Italian art compared to Italian art in the preceding couple of centuries? (Note the cast shadows in Romano’s painting.) Note also, however, at least a couple of “unrealistic” aspects of Romano’s painting: the miniature figure of the patron/donor, and the ‘adult’ posture of the infant Jesus, who seems to be able to stand almost on his own. How might you relate Romano to the classical tradition in Italian Renaissance art? Note here the particular idealized form the figure of the Virgin has, as well as the contrapposto stance of the Christ child, APA FORMAT. ATTACHED IS ASSIGNMENT AND PICTURES TO REFER TO.


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