Here are a few questions to consider as you review the week’s assigned materials and write your response. You don’t have to answer them all in your response; in fact, answering them all might lead to answers that are too brief and lack depth. Remember that you need to discuss both the screenings and the assigned readings.
How does Ugly Betty adapt and negotiate different cultural contexts? How is it an example of ‘globalization’ and ‘formatting’? What examples are there in the episode of ‘code-switching’? How does Los Espookys travel and translate among cultures in a different way? How does the visual style contribute to the meaning of each show?
According to Levine, how does Grey’s Anatomy provide a ‘feminist fantasy’? How are discrimination and inequality depicted on the show? How might we interpret Fleabag from a feminist perspective? What narrative and formal techniques contribute to the meaning of each show?


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