discussion, we will apply our understanding of various treatment approaches for psychological disorders to our case study.

Directions Step 1 – Post (15 points) In at least 300 spell-checked and grammatically correct words with numbered paragraphs: Consider the case study of the mother we viewed in our Week 6 Discussion and your reaching in Chapter 13 – describe 3 different types of treatments that could be used to treat her presentation of symptoms. For each of your 3 treatment approaches include: A general description of the treatment method, in your own words, Reasons why you selected this treatment method for her case, Specific details of how this method could be applied to her experience. For example, instead of just recommending medication, recommend a specific class of drug therapy; instead of just recommending cognitive therapy, provide some detailed examples of how cognitive therapy could be applied to her case. Note: you may also consider the family and society in your treatment recommendations. Conclude with the treatment recommendation that you think would be best, and why. 2. Reflection – Reflecting on your own experience and that of the people around you – what are some of the barriers that you see that make it difficult for people to: (a) know that they are suffering and would benefit from treatment, (b) access treatment, and (c) stay engaged in treatment? What is one thing that you can do to reduce these barriers and the stigma around psychological suffering? 3. THROUGHLINE – What activities do you do that support your mental health and well-being (~ one paragraph)?


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