discussion response to classmate discussion question response.

Discussion question: What does it mean to be a scientist-practitioner in the field of counseling? Describe the key knowledge, skills, and abilities of an effective scientist-practitioner. Classmate response: A scientist-practitioner maintains a strong clinical care of psychology by working hands on work with clients, on a daily basis. Even though it requires just a little time investment. Clinical services are consistent with industry standards and go further than the monitoring of others. The scientist-practitioner attempts to connect psychology’s research and practice. Many PhD training courses follow the scientist-practitioner approach. Several doctorate training programs have a strong emphasis on clinical practice skills, while others have shifted to a clinician-scientist approach, with a primary impact on training. Clinical activity assists the specialist in remaining delicate to crucial matters in clinical practice, comprehending the delicate difficulties in creating therapeutic relationship, functioning with time constraints, completing required paperwork, and appreciating the limitations of current assessment measures or psychological interventions (Overholser, 2009). Reference Overholser, James. (2009). Ten Criteria to Qualify as a Scientist-Practitioner in Clinical Psychology: An Immodest Proposal for Objective Standards. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. 40. 51-59. 10.1007/s10879-009-9127-3.


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