directions and answer all questions. Do not copy other work, add citations and references

The following set of behaviors easily could be added to a department’s standard operating procedures under the ethics category. These behaviors are unacceptable and are viewed by the police and corrections department as unethical: 1} Accepting gratuities (e.g., gifts, favors, money, or anything given to you free.) 2} Using unnecessary force (e.g., physical abuse, emotional mistreatment, or roughing up suspects in custody) 3} Discrimination (mistreating individuals on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, culture, sexual preference, or national origin) 4} Lying in any form (including creating facts to incriminate or protect another) 5} Violating laws, rights, or procedures (e.g., intentionally making a false arrest, filing a false report, or purposely ignoring departmental procedures) Add 5 more unacceptable behaviors to the above list. Additionally, for each behavior listed, you must also provide a rational as to why you feel it should be included in a list of SOP’s. -Please read 1 Timothy 3:2 and explain why it is important for leaders in the criminal justice system to be of the highest character and integrity. Please explain the issues that are created when leaders are not moral and ethical and how this adversely affects our society. -How important is it for leaders to possess a Biblical Worldview?


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