detailed project charter and stakeholder analysis (PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS)

Prepare a detailed project charter and stakeholder analysis for the scenario ( Scenario is in the attached files) .You are tasked with heading a project based on one of the above scenarios of your choice. For background and data, read through the scenario and perform research on any technical or other aspects needed to understand the project objectives. For developing your charter, consider the lessons in this course and all the prior knowledge and practices acquired through the program. You may add creative details as long as they are reasonable, defensible, and based on research or generally available references. For information you think is missing, make assumptions and move on. Ask the instructor for guidance if you feel uncertain about how to proceed. The project charter is the documented output of the project initiation phase. It is the foundation scoping document describing the reasons for doing the project, the work to be done, who is involved, what costs will be incurred, when it should complete, and how issues will be addressed along the way. The outline of what you should include in the charter are listed below. You may use the headings provided in the outline below in your draft to ensure that you have considered all of the required elements, but don’t hesitate to add other information you deem important.Project Initiation and Control Information: include project name, project sponsor, project manager, primary customers/partners and project core team (by function) Business Objectives: describe the reason and needs for the project, including a SWOT analysis and a gap analysis from information gathered in your SWOT analysis. Project Objectives: including key project objectives, business benefits, and business justification for completing the project. Assumptions and constraints: list any identified constraints or assumptions you make (note that there must be some items listed for both assumptions and constraints.) Scope: high level at this point, but identify what is ‘in scope’ and ‘out of scope’ (Note: you will produce a detailed project scope document in the next Module.) Project Completion and Acceptance Criteria: identify criteria that will indicate you are done. High level budgetary elements: including cost elements, skills required, estimated dollar values, and person hours with projected hourly rates (all this may change when you do formal estimation in a subsequent Module.) High-level milestones schedule: Milestone Events and Target Dates. You may include a project level timeline. Stakeholder Analysis (see additional details below) Part II – Project Stakeholder Analysis For the stakeholder analysis, your task is to prepare a Power / Interest Matrix that classifies the stakeholders of the project and potential new stakeholders that will be impacted by your project. Your analysis should be based on the level of interest and the power of influence of all these stakeholders. Identify the job function/title of project stakeholders (or entities); include at least the sponsoring executive, the project team doing the work, and the customers (make assumptions as needed). You must also describe the project governance plan among the stakeholders. Your stakeholder analysis should answer the following questions: Who are the key stakeholders of your project? On which dimensions should your stakeholders be classified and why? What communication strategies or actions should you take to address the specific stakeholder challenges and opportunities? Identify the benefits to be achieved that will define project success and how they will be measured. Identity what’s in and out of scope (e.g., Limits and Exclusions) for the project. Define key deliverables, milestones, and high-level timeline targets.


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