Curriculum 1

Review the Board of Nursing regulations for nursing education programs. Review your home state board (FLORIDA) regulations. For a list of boards, search on this website (Links to an external site.) FLORIDA!!
After reviewing the information, compose a paper that addresses the following components.
Describe how these regulations affect the process of curriculum development or redesign in nursing programs.
What is the job of the regulatory commission as it pertains to nursing education?
What are the guidelines or standards and how do they affect curriculum development?
Are there different regulations for curriculum development for a face-to-face course versus online course?
How will these regulations affect you as a nurse educator?
Compose a two- to three-page paper addressing all the points above, citing one to two scholarly sources to support your ideas. Compose your paper in APA format with a title page, headings, and a reference section. Review the rubric for grading criteria.


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