(create a table) Column 1: list all work Column 2: list the total amount of time needed each week to complete each task Column 3: cost per week for each task

Household Labor and the Economy A common assumption is that stay-at-home mothers “don’t work.” However, as discussed in your textbook, unpaid household labor plays a significant role in the economy and within families. For this assignment, create a table that lists the housework and care work that a stay-at-home parent completes (column one). This includes but is not limited to things such as meal preparation, shopping, cleaning, errands, transportation, child care, tutoring for homework, and so on. Think about everything that needs to be done related to the household and childcare. This should be a detailed list, not just a few things. Then conduct research to find out how much it would cost to pay for these services to be done over the course of one week. Think about how much time is spent cooking each meal, cleaning the house, etc. (column 2) Everything must be assigned a reasonable monetary value based on local labor (column 3). You can look for ads for housekeeping, childcare, etc. Make sure to include them in your reference list. Part 2: After you have completed the table, write a paragraph (200-250 words) analyzing how the labor of a stay-at-home parent directly contributes to and supports the work of other family members. Discuss how the unpaid labor of the stay-at-home parent contributes to the overall household and how it impacts and supports household members that work outside of the home. Cite any references used with APA 7th edition formatting.


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