could it be done by Sunday at midnight? You will create a newspaper of the provided topics totaling three articles. Each article should be at least two paragraphs in length (10-12 sentences). I have provided the instructions and a newspaper template or you can choose your own newspaper template. Be creative. You can use Microsoft Sway, Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. for you

Era Newspaper (1790-1860) Each student will be responsible for creating a historical newspaper covering events of a particular time period. Each student is responsible for writing at least ONE article and everyone is responsible for adding additional pieces and the final product. The final product should have three articles from the topics below. If possible, you can work online with other students in groups of 2-3. Specifications: – Create your own title ! Include 3 primary source references (ex. Quote) ! Must include at least TWO pictures (related to an article) ! Must include at least ONE political cartoon (related to an article) ! Must include at least ONE chart or graph (related to an article) ! Credits Box ! Table of Content Section ! Each student will be responsible for writing at least ONE article, if working in a group. Expansion Reforms/Social Movements/Urbanization Compromise of 1820 Indian Removal Act Supreme Court Cases Trail of Tears Black Hawk war Eerie Canal Santa Fe Trail Manifest Destiny Oregon Trail The Alamo Mexican-American War Gold at Sutter’s Mill Washington Irving Samuel F. B. Morse Self –Reliance (Emerson) Walden (Thoreau) Mistrel shows Temperance Horace Mann (Education) Moral Reform Society Seneca Falls Convention Shakers Mormonism William Lloyd Garrison Liberty Party Grimke Sisters Uncle Tom’s Cabin Politics Economics Universal Whiteman’s suffrage Election of 1824 “Corrupt Bargain” “Kitchen Cabinet” Peggy Eaton Affair Nullification Crisis Anti-Masonic Party The Whig Party Tammany Society Wilmont Proviso Free-Soilers Bleeding Kansas Know-Nothings John Brown’s Raid Dred Scot Decision American System Tariff of Abominations Denial of national transportation Supreme Court Cases Bank War Nicholas Biddle Specie Circular Transportation Revolution Putting-out system Lowell Mills Creation of the middle clas


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