coding assignment Sat 3/26/22 from 12:30pm to 2:20pm [2 Hours] eastern USA time. It will compose of writing fundamental level java programs based on questions. The programs must be able to run successfully within a coding program such as Netbeans IDE. The programming can be sent as a word document and the output showing the results would not be needed. Some questions may be multiple choice instead of coding. See instruction for the topics and see attached zip file for the power points on the material if you need to review.

MUST KNOW THE FOLLOWING: Print and println methods // Data types // Operators // Data conversion // String class // Dialog Boxes // Decision Structures // if-else statements // –if statements // relational operators and logical operators // nested –if structure // switch statement // class DecimalFormat // Repetition Structure // while, do-while and for loop // Repetition Structure // nested loop // Random class


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