Case Study Warren Buffet WATCH:

Instructions Respond to each of these questions. Your response to each question should be written in complete sentences. You may use bullet points where appropriate. Cite any resources you might use using APA format. Be sure to include your own opinions, interpretations, and conclusions. 1.Warren Buffett is an extremely powerful owner and businessman. Out of the five sources of power, identify one source of power that Mr. Buffet holds. Explain why you selected this one source. 2.Transactional leadership focuses on the rewards associated with doing a good job. In one paragraph, describe how Warren Buffett is a transactional leader.. 3.Assess your own knowledge, skills, and abilities. Briefly describe your own personal motivation and your leadership traits. 4.Would you be able and willing to run one of Mr. Buffett’s companies? Be sure to justify your response. When complete, submit your document using the submission instructions below. Reference: Kinicki, A., and Soignet, D. (2020). Management, A Practical Introduction, 10e.


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