Case Study One Day in Shanghai Watch:

Instructions Respond to each of these questions. Your response to each question should be at least one paragraph in length. Cite any resources you might use using APA format. Be sure to include your own opinions, interpretations, and conclusions. Note: You should review Chapter 6 and the media presentation before starting this assignment. 1.Due to the preconceived notion that products made in China are not original or of high quality, Hu and Neri‘s vision was to combat the “Made in China” stereotype. Encompassing any vision, however, is a mission statement. —–What mission statement would you create for Hu and Neri’s firm? 2.What role do you think China plays in the world product market? 3.Is assimilation to the international marketplace beneficial or harmful for a country’s brand identity? 4.What is your main take-away from this video? When complete, submit your document using the submission instructions below.


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