BUSE- 615 : Reflection of Saudi Women’s participation and leadership

Reflection of Saudi Women’s participation and leadership
tep 1: Introduction(2pages Minimum)
Why support women’s participation and leadership?
Why women’s participation and leadership is critical pertaining to Saudi context?
Step 2: Historical Background on Status of Saudi Women Traditionally (2-3 pages)
Prepare a table category wise: since 2000 – 2010, 2011-2022.
Step 3: Gender differences in Leadership. Does it still exist? Compare and contrast between male and female leadership behavior? In your opinion outline whether female leadership have more compatible and superior behavior in comparison to male leadership?(2pages)
Step 4: Overcoming the structural barriers to women’s participation and leadership pertaining to Saudi Women. Prepare a table and include all the below topics as category wise: since 2000 – 2010, 2011-2022 ERA. (4pages).
Judicial and Law making reforms
Increasing visibility in the economic sector
Changing attitudes to women’s leadership and participation
Dealing with constraints on women’s time and mobility
Addressing inequalities of wealth and power
Encouraging and supporting women to take up, and be effective in, leadership roles
Supporting women and men to carry out leadership roles which recognize and promote women’s rights
Step 5: Saudi Female leadership: A response to the needs of the future? Women and leadership development, Management development, and executive development. Support with examples by providing reflection on the current status of various Saudi women who have achieved the top and middle level position in various fields of businesses, private/government undertakings, public sector, judicial level, education sector, entrepreneurs. (3pages)
Step 6: Various implementation and strategies to overcome women’s participation and leadership set by Saudi government in the field of education, business, and private/government sector, women’s rights. (2 pages)
Step 7: Still, what are the various barriers existing to women’s participation and leadership related to Saudi Women. Draw a table category wise to highlight the major points. (1 page)
Note: All references with DOI should be mentioned. Kindly follow APA style of references.

All projects will be checked through plagiarism software. Kindly ensure all the contents are paraphrased properly and no copying of text directly.


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