Brand Creative Brief

You’re going to write a creative brief for your client. A document your client can take home and ponder. A document you can pass on to others in your company, for internal use, and for the client’s use. The creative brief is a written document that communicates your vision. A good creative brief is also a document for you to refer to if you feel you’re getting lost in your branding. Your creative brief should be written so that a third party – unrelated to you or your client – could read it and gain a good understanding of your brand challenge and the brand answer. Make it clear, concise, professional, commercial, and persuasive.
Please first read the research of the two brands (POP MART and KOFENYA) and think about following questions. Then finish the two creative brief templates (in the attached files). You should write at least 400 words for each templates – 800 words totally (words count should not include the template and reference page). Provide the reference at the next page.
Think about the following questions before writing the brief:
1. What do you know about the product and its history?
Are there clues here that may help you in your branding? Is there an interesting back story that also illustrates what the product is all about?
2. To whom are we talking?
In other words, who’s our target audience? What can we say about them? More importantly, what do they want?
3. What do they currently think?
Or, rather, what do they associate with the product, even if it’s a reflexive response, or an emotional response? What’s top-of-mind, or almost top-of-mind, when people see the brand name (or, in some cases, just the logo)?
4. What’s the negative?
Is there one negative above all others that you absolutely positively have to find an antidote for?
5. What’s the brand?
Buy or buy into this product, and you will be rewarded with a state of mind, variety of experience, or aspect of human potential – and you’ll be happier for it. Can you capture the brand in just a few words?
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