book chapter/laboratory and write a 500 words summary using the following headlines. This summary should be a simplified version of the book chapter, do not copy and paste from the book or the internet.

Criteria for Obtaining VO2max Measurement Factors that Influence VO2max. Selecting a Test Protocol Monitoring Progress With RPE Scales Estimating Fuel Usage With RER Ventilatory Threshold Questions Set: What is the difference between relative and absolute VO2max values ? Which is a better index of cardiorespiratory fitness? Why? RER at O2max is usually greater than 1.0. If an RER of 1.0 is 100% carbohydrate oxidation, how can RER exceed 1.0? What is an average VO2max for a person your age? How can people increase their O2max? Be specific as possible. Calculate your predicted TEE using the previous equations (from the PAL and PAC in table 5.2). What assumptions are made with these equations?


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