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you will describe the purpose and importance of the Human Resources department within a unionized organization. There are many benefits and challenges to working in a unionized HR office. Some of the benefits include guaranteed working conditions, while challenges include a difficult promotion structure. It is important to recognize both the benefits and challenges in order to effectively administrate in a unionized HR office. Create a tri-fold brochure for HR representatives that are new to a union. Within this brochure, be sure to address the following: Explain the benefits of working in a unionized organization and, specifically, a unionized HR department. Determine three main challenges HR may face in a unionized organization. Recommend potential solutions and best practices to address these challenges. Include other information new representatives may need to know about unions. Be creative and make your brochure visually appealing Length: One tri-fold brochure. Include your references within the document or in a separate Word file. References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly references.


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