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BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Midterm Research Paper Politics in Sports Politics in sports has become more of an issue as each year passes. While politics and sports has been a combination since sports existed, it continues to rise as our world continues to become divided over different topics. Politics has been used to support thoughts and ideas, and to blatantly market sports related items to all segments of our buying behavior. Athletes, politicians, and the average sports enthusiast have all been impacted, and will continue to be so. Please give an example of where politics and sports have merged and answer the following questions. You are not limited to these. Part of this is your opinion, yet it should be opinion based on researched fact listed in proper MLA or APA style. (Grading is not based on your opinion as long as you prove your statements.) I would urge you to search for examples that are not the currently newsworthy, such as Nike and or other examples that are in the news, look for other examples. There are many other connections with politics and sports that are not always on CNN or FOX. What are the examples? When? What are the details surrounding this issue? Based on the class, how would you manage the situation? What are the marketing ramifications? Even a small-town team needs the local companies to support it. What is the Sports Marketing mix in the situation and how does it become effected by the situation? What are the financial and legal ramifications? What are your thoughts? Expectations: Five – Seven, not including a cover sheet or citations, MLA or APA. Proper professional paper To go beyond the example questions being asked above. Base your response on the items discussed in the class to this point and your own research.


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