be creating a storyboard recreating a scene from the novel. Attachment 1 is the detailed requirements of the assignment, Attachment 2 is the PDF document of the Great Gatsby, and Attachment 3 is the template.

How to make a storyboard What is the difference between a storyboard compared to a comic? Storyboards are models that show how a narrative will flow by showing key events and giving the reader an idea of how the story continues. Characters are shown but they are not given dialogue. Instead, there are a couple of lines under an image to give the reader an idea of what is happening. Comics on the other hand show the reader a story in detail. All elements of the narrative are included, and the characters have a dialogue. Sounds effects and illustrations are very important to showcase all elements to immerse the reader. Although storyboards do not showcase every detail of a story, it is important to include key events and reactions so the reader can still understand the story and follow with the plot.


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