attached chapter “What is Racism?” from the book So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo. Take notes, underline quotes that stand out, etc… You’ll want to include these quotes, examples from the reading, etc… throughout your analysis.

The Task: You will write an essay response to this reading addressing the following points: In what ways could you relate to her opening story about the argument she got into about racism with a coworker and then how she tried to explain it to a friend the next day? (Maybe you’ve been in her shoes or you’ve been the friend who wanted to change her mind about the experience?). When she says: “That was when I learned that this was not a friend I could talk to about this really important part of my life. I couldn’t be my full self around him, and he would never truly have my back. He was not safe. I wasn’t angry, I was heartbroken.” (Oluo, p. 26) What do you think she means about her friend “not (being) safe”? What would safety look like in this experience? What has it looked like for you? In your own words, what is the difference between the definitions of race given by Oluo? Why are these important to distinguish and why does she encourage readers to embrace the second definition over the first? Why is systemic oppression (imposed by organizations, institutions, laws, policies, etc…) hard for people to understand or accept? Do you struggle accepting this as a reality for people of color in our society? Why/Why not? What parts of this reading were hard for you to read/hear? Why do you think that is? To Get Full Credit: This essay should be 3 full-4 full pages in length (no more, no less). Follow appropriate essay format- your paper should have an intro (with thesis), body, conclusion paragraphs. Paragraphs should be indented, double spaced, and typed using an appropriate font sizes (10-11) with 1″ margins all around. Acceptable file formats to upload are .pdf, .doc, .docx Integrate quotes/ideas from this piece into your response. While you do not need to provide a bibliography, you do need to use in-text source citation appropriately with quote marks for direct quotes used and source info (last name, p.#) after all quotes/paraphrases taken from this reading- this is how you distinguish between what you wrote and what the author wrote so you don’t plagiarize. Provide thoughtful and critical analysis. Avoid summarizing this reading. I’ve already read it and I know what it’s about. I’m much more interested in what you think about it, how you’ve experienced this, how you will apply it, etc… Draft your paper so it’s your best work – this is a 3-step process: Write a first draft where you get a bunch of thoughts and ideas down. The first draft is usually full of errors, not well organized, and looks like a “word vomit” of sorts with all the ideas you had coming out on the screen. Go back through your first draft and look at it again asking yourself if it’s clear, if it makes sense, if it answers the questions asked and if it includes quotes, concepts from the reading? You revise this second draft until it feels like a solid 5-6 paragraph essay. The third draft means you go back one more time and edit it for things like spelling, grammar, punctuation. By drafting you’re not submitting a first draft written at the last minute but instead you’ve put more time into it so it represents your best work.


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