assignment Analysis of a Technology/System Application – Presentation PowerPoint assignment In this course, you learned rapidly changing technologies have a drastic impact on nursing and healthcare. During this course, both current and emerging technologies that support safety practice environments have been addressed. These technologies can optimize patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and health outcomes. For the assignment, you are to propose either a change to an existing technological tool/advance/innovation used in a healthcare system or propose a new one related to nursing. Some ideas include but are not limited to artificial intelligence Telemedicine vein finders blood analyzers cloud automated medication administration systems block chains

Analysis of a Technology/System Application Presentation PowerPoint assignment. As you are building the presentation, imagine presenting the change to the board of organizational healthcare stakeholders for approval. With a formal presentation, the usage of speaker notes is necessary. The speaker notes include the information not included on the slide. The same writing requirements are applied to the speaker notes. Please include any relevant citations in APA format. Each slide should contain speaker notes with adequate information for presentation purposes. The PowerPoint presentation should include the following: Be 15-20 slides in length, not including the title slide and reference slides. The title slide should list the name of the protocol, the date, and the name of the assignment. The reference slides should provide all references in APA format. Each slide should include speaker notes with appropriate APA format. Slides ideas might include an introduction, history, literature review, need, proposal idea, implementation strategies, evaluation ideas, financial implications, conclusion. A minimum of five recent (within the last 5 years), scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are required. Select professional backgrounds, coloring, and fonts. No more than two slides should be visuals. Pictures, charts, and visual may be used but should be used to accentuate the content not replace it. Clip art and animation is encouraged to enhance the presentation. Pictures, charts, and visuals may be used but should be used to accentuate the content not replace it.


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