Assignment 2 Guideline Keeping the ethical framework (that you identified in the previous assignment) in Essay

Assignment 2 Guideline Keeping the ethical framework (that you identified in the previous assignment) in mind: Read the two short articles below and answer the questions following each article link. Should you have any trouble with the hyperlinks, try this process to find the articles for review: Visit the website for the Markkula Center for Ethics: Select “Ethics Cases” from the menu bar on the right. A. Privacy, Technology and School Shootings – A Case Study in Online Privacy 1. Are there some rights that come into conflict in this context? If so, what are they? What is the appropriate balance to strike between them? Why? 2. Do efforts like the social media monitoring serve the common good? Why, or why not? 3. Does the fact that the social media posts being analyzed are public impact your analysis of the use of the monitoring technology? If so, in what way(s)? 4. Should universities not just notify students but also ask them for their input before implementing monitoring of student social media accounts? Why or why not? B. FACEBOOK and the French Flag 1. Was Facebook acting ethically in enabling the French flag overlay for its users? Why, or why not? 2. What, if anything, might Facebook do differently to achieve more ethical results in similar circumstances? 3. Were users who took advantage of the feature acting ethically? Why, or why not? Please submit your response using the link on Blackboard>Assignments>Assignment 2. Make sure to write your name and section on top of the paper. The deadline for submitting your response is Monday, 3/28/2022 by 11:59 pm. Note: 1. This is NOT a short answer question. You are expected to offer an appropriate amount of detail and explanation for each question. Failure to do so may result in score deduction. 2. You are allowed to use content from external sources to supplement your answers. If you do so, please make sure to cite the sources appropriately. There are no restrictions in terms of page, font size/type, mode of writing or any other aspect regarding the format of the essay. However, the grading of your paper will depend on the following aspects: • Quality of Thought: Did you answer all of the questions thoroughly? Did you provide support for your ideas? • Clarity of Purpose: Is your paper focused on a clear purpose? Are you writing it for a professional audience? • Organization: How are you organizing/structuring your ideas? Do they “flow” coherently? • Language: What language (are you using? Is it appropriate and accurate? For instance, if you reference fundamental course concepts, are you using/explaining them correctly? • Mechanics: Is spelling/grammar acceptable? Does it hinder comprehension? • Information: Are you citing your sources? Are your sources credible, documented, and well-integrated into your essay? The detailed rubric of the grading process is as follows: Exemplary Acceptable Unacceptable High 5 Low 4 3 High 2 Low 1 Clarity of Purpose Clear purpose Audience awareness Positions are insightful and clear. Essay is focused; intent is obvious. Clear sense of audience. Positions are sound and understandable. Essay is general; intent is evident. Somewhat aware of audience. Lacks position on topics. Thesis may be absent or intent is unclear. Superficial. Little to no recognition of audience. Organization of Content Arrangement Unity Coherence Ideas are well connected through structural and linguistic transitions. Structure complements and completes content. Some evidence of structural and linguistic transitions. Structure is generally adequate for the content. Overall unity and coherence are flawed. Parts are poorly connected, and there is little evidence of planning or organization. Language and Style/Voice Vocabulary Register Tone Exhibits confident, skillful use of language. Uses a varied, accurate, and appropriate vocabulary. Sentences are purposefully designed and matched to content. Exhibits adequate but inconsistent facility in the use of language. Uses generally appropriate vocabulary and varied sentences. Displays little facility in the use of language. Uses limited vocabulary or inappropriate word choice. Sentences are basic. Paper may be repetitive or wordy. Mechanics Grammar and usage Punctuation Spelling Grammatical structures are well-chosen. No errors detract from meaning. Grammatical structures carry the meaning forward, although readers notice occasional error(s). Grammar errors are so obtrusive that readers are seriously distracted by them. Information Literacy Quality of sources Evaluation of sources Integration of sources Documentation of sources Sources are of high quality, credible, and appropriate. Source materials are evaluated critically, synthesized thoughtfully, integrated smoothly, and used effectively and ethically. Sources are clearly identified and introduced correctly. Sources are of reasonable quality and are usually credible and appropriate. Some attempt at evaluating, synthesizing, integrating, and using source material effectively and ethically. Sources are of low quality or are not credible or appropriate. Little to no use of source material in text. Possible plagiarism or unethical treatment of material due to lack of information literacy


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