Assignment 1a Students will submit description the data collection method to be used in their research the data along with the instrument (IRB approved), level of data, and sources. For secondary data identify and describe the sources, and identify the level of data gathered. 1b. Students must submit a draft of collected data in a table or other organized form. Provide statements indicating any difficulties with the data collection process. (SPSS or PSPP input table may be used to show data)

Research topic is : Effectiveness Of School-Based Counseling for Children. Insert all data as stated below!!! SPSS Data Entry Steps SPSS data entry guides are available online and utube also. Basic entry steps: 1. At the bottom left click the “Variable View” tab 2. Once in variable view, you then enter variables, abbreviated variable names when longer than 9 characters (ex. low-income housing = lowIncHs); move right on the variable row to the column labeled “value label” – click it to enter response options (if any); If using quantitative secondary data such as % of school aged children from DoE data, this column is skipped as such data will copied and pasted into the data view table. Move to the column labeled measure and click it then click the level of data to be entered – “scale” is used for interval and ratio level data. 3. Go back to the bottom left and click the “Data View” tab; you will see the variables listed across the top of the page; you can then enter the data collected for each variable for each case. (National studies are states, individuals (persons, cities, neighborhoods, groups, months, days, years, observations, etc.) can also be cases. 4. once the data is entered; click the tab labeled “Analyze” at the top of the page; then click descriptive and move the variables listed on the left that you want to analyze to the right by clicking on it then click the arrow in the middle to move it. press continue – click on mean -mode-median and any other measures of interest. 5. Click analyze again and go down to linear regression and click it; move the outcome (dependent variable to the top box on the right, then move the predictor (independent variables that you want to use in the model into the bottom box and press continue; 6. Press Statics Enter .05 as the level ( and click Coeff, interval, ANOVA, R, Tot) then press continue. The tables will appear for interpretations


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