Assignment 1: Learning Indicators Learning Activity Knowing what learning indicators you want to identify is

Assignment 1: Learning Indicators Learning Activity Knowing what learning indicators you want to identify is vital to the success of your instruction. Create a checklist of indicators that you will use to determine that your students are ready to learn a topic within your field of licensure. Your checklist should have at least five indicators, at least one of which should relate to the student’s motivation to or interest in the topic. Be specific! Do not simply write of think, “They have prior knowledge.” Instead, if you are teaching learners how to ride a two-wheeled bike, you might list, “They have prior knowledge of what a two-wheeled bike is. They understand the vocabulary of seat, handlebars, pedals, and wheels.” For each indicator on your checklist, identify one thing you could do to help a learner who was not ready become more ready to learn. Assignment 2: Blooms Taxonomy Learning Activity Review the list of verbs, by level, found in this section. Then, referring to the same subject that you referenced in the previous activity, make a list of six objectives you want each student to master as your students advance through Bloom’s taxonomy. If you are teaching about how to ride a bike, you might use the following example statements: Knowledge: The student will label the handlebars, the seat, the pedals, the gears, and the wheels of the bike. Analysis: The student will compare the mechanics of riding a bike with the mechanics of walking. Evaluation: The student will explain to a peer how to ride a bike. Assignment 3: Culminating Learning Activity-Essay on Educational Philosophy and Theory Review all the material in this course, focusing on the philosophies and theories of education, and then conduct your own research about the philosophy and theories that are of greatest interest to you. Write a one to one and a half-page (approximately 500-800 word) essay describing your personal philosophy and theory of teaching. You should list at least one philosophical orientation and one educational theorist, although you are not limited to one of each. To support your position as to why you align with the philosophy and theorist(s) you selected, cite at least two outside sources.


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