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Each student will be allocated a topic upon which he/she will be expected to produce a report. Assessment and allocation of marks will be on the basis of the content and quality of the report. Each student will go to the library and using the print and/or electronic resources of the library, locate TWO RESEARCH articles that are relevant to the topic allocated to that student. The research articles must be ones that are published in either the print journals or electronic journals held by the library. Items from the internet, chapters from textbooks and articles from “popular” publications will not be acceptable. Having located the relevant research articles, each student should write a review comparing and contrasting the research work presented in the papers you have read. Your report needs to present a balanced view of the papers you have read. Both research papers should deal with different aspects of your allocated topic and that will allow you to discuss different aspects of your topic. 1. Write a brief report summarising : (a) Research objectives (b) Methodology (c) Conclusions 2. The relevance of the research to Irish agriculture should also be described. Where your conclusion is that the research is of no relevance for Ireland, you must give justification(s) for that conclusion. 3. The report must be prepared on A4 size paper and should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words as per above guidelines. It can include Tables and Figures if appropriate. 4. You must give the word count for your report – either state this at the beginning or at the end of the report. 5. Attach either a copy of the journal articles being summarised to the report or a link to the articles. Notes: When quoting scientific names use a capital letter for the genus, but not for the specific name and use italics i.e. Homo sapiens. If you include figures from papers remember to acknowledge the source. Give titles to the figures or tables. At the end of the essay list your sources. The standard format is to give: author (date) article title, journal name, volume of journal, page numbers. For example, Cooper, S.J..B.


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