(APA format) Length: 3-4 pages (not including title page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page Running head and page numbers No sources: Your papers in this class will be run through Turnitin to check for any use of any source beyond your own mind and experiences and to check for plagiarism.

Using the Comparison-Contrast Extended Draft Outline Template that you completed for last week’s assignment, you are now ready to compose the full and final comparison and contrast essay. Successful assignments will do the following: Focus on two very specific items, comparing “apples to apples,” and with specific comparison/contrast criteria in place. Follow a clear pattern of either point-by-point or block organization. Include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that conveys the overall comparison/contrast point and provides relevance for your reader. Include details to establish the ways in which your items are similar and different.


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