answered, 3 parts each. approx 3 paragraphs each question. All info is uploaded below.

1. The United States ambassador to a strategically important country was recently discovered engaging in illegal activities in that country. Diplomatic immunity prevents the diplomat from being arrested there, but the activity has enraged the public of that country, who are now holding protests outside of the American embassy. (A) In 1–2 sentences, describe a power the executive branch could use to address the issue. (B) In one paragraph, explain what recourse the legislative branch has if the executive branch does not address the issue in the context of the scenario. (C) In one paragraph, explain what, if any, role the judicial branch could play in the context of the scenario. 2. Use the map to answer the question. Map uploaded below. (A) In several sentences, summarize the outcome of the 2016 Senate elections in the United States. Identify which party won more states and the regions of the country in which this party had the most victories. (B) In one paragraph, describe the political behavior that contributed to Republican victories in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. (C) In one paragraph, explain why this chart is either sufficient or insufficient to show whether the 2016 Senate would be more or less likely to confirm appointments made by a Republican president.


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