answer the following in a 2-4 page/double spaced format, thoughtful and detailed work 1. Name Essay

answer the following in a 2-4 page/double spaced format, thoughtful and detailed work 1. Name one controversial issue in the contemporary world. It can be any topic, such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict, climate change, racial injustice, the status of the US economy, the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic, or even who is the GOAT in sports (Basketball, Football, or others). Focus on a specific issue, and try to find out whether this kind of question has an objectively true answer to it or not. Why or why not? Explain your reasons carefully. -for example, is the earth getting warmer in recent years? or is Global warming caused by human activities? Note our focus in this part is not to evaluate the argument yet, but to see whether such questions have an objective answer or not. That is, are such answers relative to a person, a group, or a society? (Similarly, a question can be “Is Russia invading Ukraine right now?” Russian media seem to deny it.) -Find a question that really interests or puzzles you. Use your critical mind to examine it. 2. Regarding each position you have examined above, there are many arguments either in support of or against the position. However, there are many fallacies in these arguments. Focus on the above issue, try to identify and analyze these arguments, and in particular find some common fallacies committed in people’s arguments for the issue. Identify and rewrite the argument as carefully as you can, and figure out what is the most appropriate fallacy, and explain why the argument commits such a fallacy. -You can make some arguments on your own, but you should be able to find arguments from many sources. You don’t have to analyze all the arguments. Two arguments should be adequate.


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