Anisakiasis. PLEASE DO NOT plagiarise this paper. I have had issues before with a tutor from this website because of that. Please I need to have this paper submitted by 1pm on March 19th EST.

essay topic: Anisakiasis. and with the starter reference(s). The requirement is a 2500 word essay, fully referenced with at least 5 references. Please I need this essay by Saturday 19th March (03/19/22) at 1:00pm EST. use all resources to get to know your parasite or parasite-related topic. I suggest starting with Wikipedia and the CDC today for a rough understanding then turn to the refs I sent. The Wikipedia and CDC searches must not be quoted, if needed quote their references and only if you have read them. Google the ref titles I sent for their NCBI listing to find out who has referenced that work to see how the research is moving forward in the field of your topic.


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