AND WEST: THE ORIGINS OF EUROPEAN IDENTITY **Select one essay from the list of four titles. When you have completed your essay, read through it very carefully to make sure you have rooted out any mistakes (misspellings, awkward syntax, errors of grammar) and ensure that you have included proper footnotes (or endnotes) and a bibliography.** 1. How did the Romans see themselves and their civilisation? 2. Critically discuss the portrayal of barbarians in Roman imperial literature. 3. Why did the western Roman empire collapse in the fifth century? 4. Critically discuss St Patrick’s portrayal of women in his letters. ESSAY DEADLINE AND REQUIREMENTS Length: 2000 words maximum Submission deadline: 3.00 pm, Wednesday 9 March 2022

GENERAL ADVICE The essay titles are questions and they ask you to analyse key issues, not just to describe them. So the first essay title does not ask you to describe what the Romans thought of themselves, but to analyse Roman descriptions, and to explain why they portrayed their society and empire in the way they did. The second essay title does not ask you to repeat Roman descriptions of barbarians, but by analysing those descriptions, to give reasons for Roman attitudes towards the barbarians. The third essay asks you to explain the major reasons for the collapse of the western empire in the fifth century, and not simply to describe it. The fourth essay asks you to engage in a close reading of the works of St Patrick and, using the evidence of those works, to analyse the accounts of women found there. You’ll need to read as widely as you can. The more you study the recommended reading, the more you’ll understand the issues and the better your essay will be. After you’ve read the material, you should plan your essay carefully. A careful plan will ensure that you have a coherent structure and a clear argument. I will attach pictures of exactly what will guide you This needs to be 100% plagiarism free as I was caught for plagiarism on this website before. If essay is very high standard I will add an additional tip. PLEASE do not do this assignment if your not able to reach the requirements.


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