and also 5-10 powerpoint slides to go along with it. this is due Sunday 3/13/22 at 4:00 pm

Find a forensic crime scene of interest to you. It can either be from a high profile case or a lesser known case. You should prepare an original 1-2 page written overview of the case and a 5-10 slide Powerpoint presentation and highlight the following details: 1) Describe the circumstance/ incident 2) Date/Time 3) Describe the scene of the crime 4) Describe any victims/ suspected perpetrators 5) List forensic evidence at the scene and any available photos 6) Case outcomes- was someone found guilty/ innocent/ unsolved? Please provide a citation for your case and crime scene. Only cover a case where there are sufficient resources. I have included an example article (as an example only) to show you what type of case might be appropriate to use to assist you in creating your case study overview. You can choose to use the provided article or find your own.


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