Analysis for History class about the history of the United States since 1865.

THIS IS THE SOURCE TO ANALYZE: I saw the walking dead (LINKED BELOW) Your analysis should include a brief summary of the overall source, information about the author of the source (if known), the author’s central argument, how the document fits within the broader historical context as discussed in class lectures, and why the source is historically significant. The summary of the source should not exceed one paragraph in length. Each paper should feature a clear thesis The structure of the paper should appear as follows: Your name HIST 251 Prof name Date Author, Title, and Citation Information of the Primary Source Summary (one introductory paragraph) Analysis (author’s argument, intended audience, historical context, etc.) Conclusion The minimum length of the paper is three pages (double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins). Please keep the paper under four pages. Use parenthetical citations for any quotations (author name, pg. #). Do not incorporate any outside sources; this is to feature your own interpretation and analysis of your chosen source. Some questions to consider as you work with your source: – Who is the author of the source? – What is the overall historical context of this source? – What central claims does the author/source make? – Who is the intended audience? – How might the audience influence the author’s arguments? – What does this source reveal about the time and place in which it was produced? – How can this source help us understand the broader history of the United States?


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