Agriculture Policy ‘The 1992 MacSharry reform was a more significant reform of the CAP than the 2003 Fischler reform.’ Do you agree?

Dear Ag Policy student – please find below the details of the second module assessment. This assignment replicates what might happen in the real world, where junior staff members can be asked to draft PowerPoint slides for their boss to present to the client. Please email me with any questions. Yours, David Scenario: Please imagine you have just stated work for the Rural Economy and Development Programme team at Teagasc. The Head of that Programme, Dr Kevin Hanrahan, is giving the Presidential Address to the Conference of the Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland (AESI) in May 2022. It being 30 years since the 1992 MacSharry reform of the CAP, Dr Hanrahan wishes to give his Presidential Address on the topic of: ‘The 1992 MacSharry reform was a more significant reform of the CAP than the 2003 Fischler reform.’ Do you agree? Justify your view. Dr Hanrahan has asked you (a junior member of his team) to prepare a maximum of 16 PowerPoint slides for him for his conference presentation. Important notes: • You can complete this assignment on your own, or in a group (of your choosing) of max 4 persons. A single grade will be awarded to each member of the group, if you choose to work in a pair/small group; • You are expected to provide an overview of both of the 1992 and 2003 CAP reforms; • Please assume that Dr Hanrahan does not care whether you agree with the statement or not. The important thing is that a clear view is given, and justified in some detail – with some points explaining why the opposite view has been rejected; • The maximum number of slides is 16, and extra slides of content will not be read; • You should include 1-2 slides at the end, listing the sources that you have used; plus a title slide at the start. These are excluded from the 16 slides; • You can include a slide listing the presentation contents (equivalent to a table of contents in a book), but this is not mandatory. • Providing speaking notes, or a voiceover, is not required – just the PowerPoint slides; • If you submit the slides late, marks will be deducted for late submission, unless there are extenuating circumstances – and anyone found to have undertaken plagiarism will be fired (referred to UCD disciplinary procedures). I will send on


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