again because it was done wrong. Must have proper English grammar, no plagiarism and must understand the instructions provided. Administrate Criminal Justice paper. The entire page will be 12 pages no more than 16.

Please read all the directions before bidding. The problem and factors of the paper have already been completed. You will read the entire requirements of the assignment and write the paper base on the factors. The instructions of the paper have to be FOLLOWED EX ACTLY TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. You will write the Cover Page, include the Problem, include the Factors Bearing on the Problem, and start the Discussions and the Annotated Bibliography and reference page. Please ask any questions you may have. This is a very important paper it is the last paper before graduation. You will start writing the discussion sections which is the information about each factor. For example there are 4 factors there should be 4 sections in the discussion sections


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