– Advanced Cybersecurity Techniques and Operations Two-Part Project: The purpose of this final project is to explore a tool or technique for cybersecurity that has not been introduced in this course. First, each of you needs to search for one tool or technique you are interested in. Next, figure out the detailed usage of this tool or technique. Last, you will write a technical report (4-6 pages, including graphs) to demonstrate the set up of the experiment environment and outcomes. Multiple Dates: First submission due 3/27, second submission due 4/24

Timeline: 5 weeks (3/21 – 4/24) Week 1: • Submission: Proposal (Due: 3/27) By the end of the first week, you need to submit a proposal (half page) to briefly describe the tool you have selected, and your plan to conduct the experiments, including what kind of environment you would need to demonstrate the functions of the tool. Week 2-5: • Submission: technical report (Due: 4/24) Through the last two weeks of the semester, you need to submit a technical report (4 -6 pages, 12 point font, single-spaced, including graphs) to describe the purpose and the detailed usage of the tool you have selected. Detailed steps to set up the environment should be organized in the appendix if you demonstrate the tool in a customized environment. Example topics: • Using strongswan to set up a VPN connection between two networks in tunnel mode. • Figure out the detailed usage of a tool from this list(https://www.kali.org/tools/) in Kali Linux, in 13 categories. Topics for cryptography: https://www.kali.org/tools/steghide/ https://www.kali.org/tools/binwalk/#:~:text=Binwalk is a tool for,for the Unix file utility.


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