about the Leadership and Decision Making should be 4 to 5 pages in length (double-spaced), which does not include the title and reference pages, with 7ed APA style and all other requirement in the attached word file please check it before.

Team leadership involves monitoring a team to help individuals achieve goals and to enhance performance. Please refer to the image below from Northouse (2022, pp. 464). Jamal works for a technology firm in the KSA. He has been assigned as the team leader of a group of five engineers, from different countries, responsible for creating new phone technology. This organization favors the team leadership approach and has given Jamal the responsibility to monitor and act as needed, to ensure the team is effectively performing. During the first week of work, Jamal evaluates the overall situation in relation to the team’s needs and he discovers that the team is not focusing on the goals, there is conflict between three of the engineers due to communication issues, and there is not enough sharing of information among several of the engineers due to professional competition and a fear of being left behind. Thinking about the above situation, please answer the following: 1. Explain what the team leadership approach is and how it impacts the decision-making process. 2. Identify the current issues Jamal is encountering. Explain the best way to address these issues based on the team leadership approach. 3. Determine how a country’s culture and the culture of each team member impacts the team leadership approach. 4. If you were Jamal, what team model would you use to make the team more successful? Explain why you selected this team model


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