a TOURISM SPORTS MARKETING class the Homework is a Case Study Assignment

Details: The city of Plainfield, Indiana, in partnership with the Hendricks County Visitors Bureau (Links to an external site.), is looking to expand its tourism economy and the number of visitors to the city each year. ABOUT HENDRICKS COUNTY The Hendricks County Visitors Bureau, through the Hendricks County Tourism Commission, states that the economic impact of tourism on the county is $64.2 million and that comes from taxes generated by the visitors to the county. Tourism is the sixth-largest industry in Hendricks County with more than $263 million spent by visitors to the county that has supported 5,130 jobs in the county. The economy of Hendricks County sees 33 percent of tourist money in food and beverage, 27 percent in retail, 19 percent in recreation and entertainment, 13 percent in lodging, and 8 percent in transportation. Hendricks County is a 60-minute drive from the far west portion of the county to Indianapolis with the Indianapolis International Airport located just east of the Plainfield town line. ABOUT PLAINFIELD, INDIANA With a population of 33,911 residents, the city of Plainfield is seen as a logistical hub for the Midwest. Located just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport, the city has numerous corporate warehouses located between five and 10 minutes from the airport. The city has two Amazon, Inc. distributions centers and is the home to distributions centers for Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other corporations. While shipping traffic is relatively high, the job growth within the city is continuous with the establishment of warehouses and corporate footholds. The median income in Plainfield, Indiana is $61,410 as of 2017, which is more than the median for the United States. The city boasts more than a half-dozen hotels and its own convention space located just off the Interstate 70 exit ramp. THE ISSUE The city of Plainfield is seeking tourism growth through the production of a series of sporting events within the city in partnership with the Hendricks County Visitors Bureau. This series of events contains four events with one for each season of the year. Basically, the city would like to host an event during each of the four weather seasons. Based on the information you have been provided and any additional research you conduct, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability based on what you know from lectures and case study information. QUESTIONS 1- How can the city of Plainfield develop a series of events that will expand the tourism economy within the city? 2- What resources (facilities, hotels, etc.) are available to the city of Plainfield to develop a series of sporting events such as those described in the issue? 3- What types of events would you, from the tourism perspective, believe are appropriate for the resources within the city with one during each of the four seasons? 4- What information are you missing from the information provided in the case study that would allow you to be better informed? 5- What do you believe would be the flagship event (from your list of events) that the city and county could utilize to attract tourist dollars? 6- Explain what type of economic impact the series of events would bring to the city of Plainfield and Hendricks County. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS 2-4 pages in length; 12-point Calibri (or default) font; double-spaced Executive Summary of the series of events you’re proposing (1 page) Thoughtfully answer each of the six questions utilizing what you have learned so far (1 page) Provide a convincing rationale for why you chose this series of events (1 page) Utilize resources available to you online and properly cite using APA Style (Links to an external site.)


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